Soffit & Fascia

Everything to make a home look its best!

Soffit & FasciaDependable year-round protection is just one reason the Royal Alumipro Collection is so popular with homeowners across the country. Not only do our aluminum products provide the strength and durability you depend on, but each component is designed for the utmost in beauty and homeowner satisfaction.

Whether you’re a home builder, contractor, or architect, you’ll find everything you need to create great looking home exteriors.

Royal Alumipro offers you a wide range of siding, soffit, trim coil and accessories. Get the job done right, with Royal Alumipro.

The Look You Want
Superior product lines with innovative and up to date technologies to meet your needs in residential or commercial projects.

The Quality You Desire
Only the best products that meet our stringent requirements to ensure high quality of presentation and application ensuring long term survivability and curb appeal.

The Peace of Mind to Feel at Home
Protect your investment with peace of mind knowing that Classic Renovations Inc. have done our best to ensure the right product and the best building practices have been applied to you.

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